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They have already tricked you into paying about a dollar a gallon, it's called bottled water. which lowers testosterone levels up to 34% in young boys. Would that help decrease the population, who consumes the water or are we supplying a means to further populate the earth by selling water to other countries?

Do you really have a right to life? If you can't afford water you die. Is this part of the




Banks are buying up water rights, part of the big reset? Are cows the reason we have no water, or are big banks buying it all up? CITI...

J.P. Morgan & T. Boon Pitkins since 2017

What water crisis? Shocking news, the site I found this on has a download button that no longer gives you the link to CITI's 132 page report, but here it is. Are Cows the problem? They are saying we have a rising population eating more beef, having more calories, causing a water shortage, well folks, we aren't eating more beef, there are just more of us eating. There's a nice little chart showing who, what and where water is going. I know our water here in Colorado is going to California, but some private companies such as Alaska Resource Management LLC are selling water from the lake in Sitka Alaska to India. Are we competing for our own water? ARM, LLC holds water rights for a penny a gallon, shipping 2.9 billion gallons.

I noticed that our lakes here in CO are drastically shrinking, but I'm sure they have an explanation, they always do. Survival of the fittest, which would be the ones who control the water, for sure. It feeds crops, livestock, and you. We're already used to paying for it, it will soon cost way more. What happened to the right to life? You can't live without water, and they know it. BUY WATER RIGHTS and GROW YOUR OWN FOOD. A 60% food demand increases by 2030, coming soon.

Growing plants to make fuel will take a lot of water and your water bill will go up massivly, you need water to live... how much will you pay? Will it cost lives? Again, global warming is not caused by us.

Bill Gates part of the Great Rest and buying up massive amounts of farm land.

It's illegal to harvest rainwater. Oregon man jailed for collecting rain. Do you really have a right to life? If you can't afford water you die. What happened to the Human Rights Act?

The UNDESA passed a law... they need almost 10T globally for infrastructure, what that really means is that's what it will cost them to monopolize our water. But they are saying water for all, and it has to be clean and affordable. What about those who can't pay for water. It doesn't matter how cheap it is if you can't pay. Who owns or has an ownership interest in these new government funded operations? They do and they are buying it up with our money and they will hold it hostage from you unless you can pay. Every country will put in and those in charge will profit. Just like the company selling Alaskan water to India, they will also enjoy profits from the bottle water plant. 

The wealthy and the governments own and will continue to accumulate all real estate, all your equity.

COVID caused the largest refi boom in history in the U.S. Most of these "low rate mortgages" came at a cost, maxing out on the rate, collecting your equity to buy the highest "low rate" offered in some cases. People were forced, by duress, to pull cash from their home in the panic of the shutdown.




Who's really pulling the strings? Why do we keep having housing crisis? Read my book and understand who's really behind the Great Rest.

It's not just about mortgage



You may think you and your car emissions are the reason for Global Warming, it's not you. Since 2017, scientists have found many underground volcanoes in the South and North Poles, that's the reason icebergs are taking a nose dive into the ocean.

We are always looking for investors to help us improve the world of real estate and low income housing. Help us gentrify with one phone call. Private investors only.

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There is power in numbers, spread the risk, share the wealth, come invest with us, we can do great things together.

Neuroscience using nanobots in human brain control and other psychological brain control. Was COVID and 911 among the first acts of government terrorism? Is this part of the Great Reset? Neuroscientist speaks up.

Are you being duped into buying paper bags?

Of course you are. But, you are saving sea turtles, right?

Most sea turtles are eaten by birds and other preditors on their way out to the ocean.

Was Mad Cow Disease a neuro experiment?


What if that didn't happen? Yes, we would have more sea turtles, but they eat ocean grass, which is the oceans air supply. Humans harvest it for mattress filling and other matirials. We are taking their food and their air.

Seagrass provides 60% of the earth's oxygen roughly the same amount is consumed by marine life.

Are you being duped into buying paper bags continued...

If you want to save more tutles then humans need to quit farming their food, which produces marien life's oxygen.

Cutting down trees to make paper bags means less oxygen. We are paying .10 to .15 per bag to cut down trees which takse our oxygen and clean air away.

Didn't we stop using paper bags to save the trees?

Most states, like Colorado, don't have ocean or sea turtles. Think about it. Again, it's a way to get more money out of you. Not just your money, but your clean air and oxygen.

The Great Reset is all our resources, you, your home, your financials, and your very being

Did you know Black-Rock Hedge Fund is competing with you for housing, and they are funded by the Federal Reserve, who purchased over 80B in 'distressed notes' in the first few months of COVID shutdown?

How is Black-Rock inflating values in certain neighborhoods? Sure they are paying about the same price as the consumer, overall, because they can borrow money cheaper than we can. But the purchase price is higher, which increases values in those neighborhoods. Still don't see the problem?

If you want to live close to those schools or close to your job you may not be able to buy a house, you must rent. Let's say you do buy a house, you will be paying quite a bit more in that neighborhood. But some articles state that Black-Rock didn't buy the houses, they bought a company who already had them in their portfolio, but did Black-Rock already have an ownership interest, or did they fund Partners of America before the purchase?

What they did say is that Black-Rock borrows their money from the Fed, which is way cheaper than what the average consumer can get. The lower cost of funds is their way of paying the same for the house as you do, but if their money is cheaper than yours and they take those savings to 'up' the price, paying more than 30% to 50% more for the house than you do, where does that leave the market, and you?

If you are looking to sell, they did you a favor, now you can take your inflated dollars and you can pay more for a house in another neighborhood, inflating values there. The Fed is total behind this behavior. Hell, they are funding it. Not directly, but indirectly. Think it's okay? I had four locals that qualified for a mortgage but sadly, there was nothing in their price range.

The Federal Reserve purchased billions of secularized mortgages from banks. What made them 'distressed assets'? Forbearance. They were undoubtedly purchased at a huge discount. The Federal Reserve Bank is part of the Federal Reserve Act, its purpose was to establish economic stability. Whose? Theirs? The Fed is printing so much money we are going to wind up like Weimar Germany whose hyperinflation was so high people couldn't buy food. This may be us very soon.

If you are not making a payment you are a non preforming asset, or a distressed asset. Forbearance had to be paid (all the payments you missed) at the end of the forbearance, which spurred a refi boom, that and low mortgage rates. 152.7B of the 2.8T was cash-out. Consumers were under duress, pulling cash out and trying to save as much on mortgage as they could because of economic uncertainties, but man did they make money, hand over fist. Who benefited? The U.S. Treasury who holds the largest share of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and The Federal Reserve Bank, who lends money to banks to fund mortgages.

The Fed even stated that they purchased the distressed assets to free up bank funds so they could keep lending. Man, did they clean up. What the Fed really did was get the banks to work for far less profits than normal. The Fed would have gotten huge discounts on the now distressed assets, the banks would have paid back the loan they borrowed from the Fed to make those loans with, so the bank could borrow more money from them. So the Fed made out very well, but the banks, not so well, they practically worked for the cost of doing business. They were the Fed's bitch.

TARP was put into place because of the 2008 crash, which was orchestrated, so was COVID (read my book). TARP allows the U.S. Treasury now to purchase distressed assets, no doubt they will be heavily discounted, but that's business, ruthless as it is. Those assets can also be apartment buildings, mortgage backed securities, etc. Because of the moratorium, they will be positioned to scoop up billions of dollars of apartment buildings as REMs or defaulted mortgages at deep discounts, using your tax dollar. You are paying them to be your landlord. Well, they already are, because you will never own land, only the right to pay taxes on it.

Do you think if the Treasury is your landlord, which they already are, they may take your rent out of your pay or unemployment? People will be living in squaller and hunger. This is the beginning of a third world country. The poor can't fight authority. My book has everything to do with this subject.

The majority of renters are paying half their salary in rent. That could be quite a profit for the Treasury, who plans on raising taxes and taking up all the real estate using TARP, for pennies on the dollar, just like the Federal Reserve did by bailing out the banks who couldn't make the payments on the money they borrowed from the Fed, so they could make home loans. The banks said goodbye to their profits for the work they did. Don't think they didn't plan COVID? Think again! We the people are their business, their piggy banks and now, pin cushions.

Here's what the government spent and approved, 4B bailout. Why do you think we are always bailing out? They make money. Do you think the president and congressmen may have stocks in the companies they are funding? The Big Ripoff, is anyone talking about this? This article states that this bailout was for the wealthy, not even close. This is merely the way the government picks pockets, they've been suing banks, weakening them since 2008. They have Fannie Mae by the balls as they can't make a move without the approval of the Treasury because they are still under conservatorship, having paid over 100B in profits from their bailout in 2008. These companies, then and today, must pay it back, it's a loan, not a handout. In Fannie Mae's case it was a purchase of preferred stock. But these bailout loans come with interest payments as well, just like the forbearance on home loans. Our Government and the Fed are crushing it in business, making themselves look like saviors, when they are the ones responsible.

Want to learn more? Read my book

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